Walking patterns︎︎︎
At some point during the warm up ask the group to walk the space and give small tasks to get them working as a unit. Simple directions can be the most effective like asking them to all stop at a random time without talking. Others include: lift one person and carry them to another place in the room; take someone’s weight and lower them to the floor slowly; choose two people without letting them know and place your self between them; have a 1-minute conversation with someone and then keep walking. Getting the group to listen to multiple bodies in the room, to negotiate traffic and to sense the compositions being created in real time grounds them for the work.

Other Ideas:

- Pause without speaking

- As close as you can to bodies  

- Equal distant from 2 people- a triangle

- Floor and up- from a slow or varied count

- Head/ rib cage/ hips

- Look for windows -cross

- One solo- rest follow quality

- Flocking- all move as one- shifting facings

- Speed gradations 1-5

- Clear the space

Have the participants create their own.

︎︎︎variation on a common warm up from dance and theater training