artists and projects︎︎︎

Artists working accross disciplines and projects in the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts course Interdisciplinary Studio—Composition & Collaboration as well as collaborative projects by a range of interdiciplinary artists. 
Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi - Zero Degrees

Anne Carlson- The Symphonic Body 

Ann Hamilton

Beth Gill – Ele tric Midwife

Brownian Motion [video]

Candoco Dance Company

Carola Bauckholt: Geräusche

CA 285 workshop on In Design 23

CA 285 Large Project 2 [video], Jack Chipman

Chassol - Indiamore

Christina Kubisch- Electrical Walk

Chunky Moves

Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot  

Creation 2 [video], Taya Van

Cris Peck

David Bowie- the Verbasizer

Dimitris Papaioannoou

Dökk- MaxMSPJitter

Dumb Type

Dv8- Strange Fish

Elenor Bauer

Elizabeth Lazebnik

Four Sculptures Representing Relationships [website], Daniel Lin

Forced Entertainment

Ghost Forrest [video]

Ghost Town Collective [instagram account]

Gob Squad

Harrison and Wood 

Hannah Hartman

Hand morphology [instagram account]

Hong Kong Exile

How heavy are my thoughts [video]

I’m Over Zoom Class [instagram account]

Indistinct [video], Kaila Bhullar

Japan Walking

Jérôme Bel's "The show must go on"

James O’Callaghan- Knowns

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion (2012)
Both Sitting Duet

Katja Heitmann -  Motus Mori Museum

Kentaro Taki

Lemi Ponifasio- Die Gabe Der Kinder

Line Upon Line Percussion 

Lucy Guerin- pendulum

Martin Arnold  Passage à l'ac

Mett Ingvartsen

Michelle Ellsworth  - Clytigation: State of Exception


My Movie 19 [video], Ruvarashe Marikano

Natacha Diels -On Silence

Nancy Tam

nep eht [video], Dag Davidge

Nicole Canuso

Nostos [video]

Oana Avasi

Ontroerend Goed

Peeping Tom  "32 rue Vandenbranden"

Phantom Heat [video], Carson Keller, Caro Garofalo, Ayesha Beg & Conor Day

Ralf Lemon - 4 walls

Reggie Watts

RootlessRoot  Endless Composition

Ryoji Ikeda: test pattern

Samuel Becket’s Quad

School for the Contemporary Arts [videos]

Shirazeh Houshiary

Stan Brakhage

Susan Marshall -Frame Dances

Topophilia [video]

Troika Ranch

Uncanny heads

Walking Score [video], Mikela, Regina & Kim

War Requiem [video]

William Forsythe

Xavier Le Roy - Self Unfinished

Yoann Bourgeois

Welcome to mapping collaboration, a toolbox for workshopping and creating across disciplines...

In spite of a long history of interdisciplinary creation, from our earliest recorded arts to our present moment, artistic pedagogy has created divisions between disciplines. This has left artists in a "post-Babel" condition where we don't share the same language and definitions. It’s also encouraged artists to develop practices for devising, creating and composing work that are distinct to their disciplines.

The inspiration for this project came from faculty and students at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts where BFA, MFA and PhD programs in Dance, Theatre Production and Design, Visual Art, Film, and Music and Sound all work together in studio settings and playfully experiment with processes of art-making.

We wanted to create a database of projects, assignments and theory that we collect inside the studio and from research happening in other places. We are curious about how we collaborate and how structures reoccur, translate and deviate from one discipline to another.

Composition is central to these processes and offers a base for our approaches and experiments. We are excited about what our students are doing and inspired by the new languages in contemporary art and performance we continue to see develop.

︎︎︎select a category above to build assignments, learn more about how artists process ideas across disciplines and to create a collaborative process of your own

︎︎︎these tools are collected and used in workshops and classes; some are resources from artists; some are quotes about art-making and how bodies think and listen; others are ideas to expand and disrupt your own training and processes.  

︎︎︎Each idea is intentially short- and not meant to be executed as written, but to be adapted to your own practice and specific project/context. Some may be taken in parts or combined with others to spark new ways of training and making together.

︎︎︎submit your own ideas and tools so we can keep building this site!