Sound Mobile︎︎︎
I shall call the last exercise A Sound Mobile because it is concerned with sounds that are in motion. Like the others, it needs to be organized in advance. The idea is that within a certain area of several blocks specific sounds produced by volunteers may be heard along with the general hubbub of the city during a certain period of time.   The sounds are not so extraordinary as to be out of context and are made by the volunteers as they move about the streets or through shops.

A shopping day with busy streets would be the best time to try this out. At the start the participants are given a list of the sounds they are to
listen for and I told the area of town in which the sounds will be found -say four blocks square. When they hear one of the sounds, the approach the maker and will be given a card or coupon. The first person to bring back a complete set of coupons is the winner. 

Examples of sounds I have used:
-A bicycle with a flapper int he wheel
-A shrill police whitsle 
-A dog with a bell on its collar
-A person with a tapping cane
-A radio tuned to the noise between stations, hidden in a purse.

Such exercises or games as these (and others that could be deviced) are intended to increase public awareness of all sounds in the environment. They are not mearley  children's games, and I've played them with people of all ages.

︎︎︎from  last excersise from Murray Schafer’s a Sound Education.