Place and sounds ︎︎︎
This exercise will take some advance planning and may not in all cases be feasible, but I highly recommend it as a powerful experience that won’t be easily forgotten. The idea is to place listeners, who are blindfolded, in an environment they do not know and have them describe it by listening to it.

In order for the participants to sense the selected environment as alien it may be necessary to transport them to it in cars or on the bus. The teacher should have a few assistants to help lead the blindfolded participants gently to the chosen spot, which, of course, should be selected in advance. When the site is reached the participants may be seated on the ground.

At first it will be difficult to describe the environment with accuracy, but the leader asks the right kinds of questions it will soon become possible to see it quite clearly with the ears. The wind will reveal the pressure presence of trees, grass, flags, tunnel areas, etc.  If the leader shots in different directions walls or other obstacles will become evident by reverberation. Smaller objects for reveal acoustic shadows it’s if the leader moves around them while talking. Fences or polls will be revealed if they are tapped, and the materials on the ground surfaces will be discovered when walked on. But the acoustic picture imagined will never be identical with the real one. The moment when the blindfolds are removed always proves to be a remarkable experience.