Words, sentences, phrases︎︎︎
Divide the group into small groups of three or four. Give each group one word (a different word for each group). Have each person in each group write down three sentences inspired by that word. Use these sentences to build a gesture base. This is a series of simple movements and gestures based on the rhythms and images in the sentences. Remember to create movements that don't mime the content of the sentences, but play with different initiations from the body, directions and dynamics. Give the group a finite amount of time so they don't over think the process. The gesture bases should be simple and easy to repeat.

Once everyone has there phrases based on the words, you can have them build trajectories through the space and extend their gesture bases along these trajectories through the space. There are many strategies on how to extend these phrases.

The groups can then work together and assemble the phrases that travel through space. There may be places when negotiations need to be made in space, offering the development of new movement ideas. Allow the group to create a study that includes all the phrases performed in the space at the same time.

This process is a good way to experience a simple process that starts with a single image end ends in a complex series of movement phrases in space. It's also a way of seeing a strong relationship between the movement choices within the groups based on a single source of inspiration.  

You can also have the groups change fronts, play with changing just one person's trajectory or facing to see how these compositional choices change our perception and reading of the work.

︎︎︎from Rob Kitsos