Visual contrast︎︎︎
The book Visual Contrast deals with how to place things in the home aesthetically. Below are the contents. It's great to see how these terms can be applied to the composition of any art form: 

  • Scale: Small Vs. Big
  • Dimension: 2D Vs. 3D
  • Form: Organic Vs. Geometric

  • Temperature: Cool Vs. Hot
  • Tone: Light Vs. Dark
  • Strength: Subtle Vs. Bright
  • Contrast: Positive Vs. Negative

  • Orientation: Horizontal Vs. Vertical  
  • Quantity: Single Vs. Multiple
  • Order: Symmetrical Vs. Random

  • Age: Contemporary Vs. Antique
  • Attitude: Serious Vs. Playful
  • Culture: Ethnic Vs. European