Virtual Seescape︎︎︎
You know that standing in a room with an object is different from seeing that object on a screen, and yet the difference is easy to forget. For this exercise, your raw material will be your recent history of internet searches and saves, be they intensely personal or aggressively mundane. You captured these images for some reason, and now you have the chance to transform them into something more considered–aware of their thin, digital existence–and lasting.

1.  Find a screenshot you have saved to your phone that intrigues you.

2.  Manipulate the photo on your phone in any way you like, using your phone’s photo editor, third-party editing, social media, or a collage app.

3. Create an artwork in real life using any material in any dimension based  on your final manipulated image.


-  The idea is to work from a photo you did not create, so choose an image         that someone else made, and that called you for some reason.

-  Don’t seek out the beautiful or artful image. A “bad” image might be just what you want for this.

-  Use any photo editing app or software as long as it is fun and easy. Fancy photo editing skills are not needed here.

-  Invoke Jasper John’s 1964 note to himself in his sketchbook: “Take an object / Do something to it / Do something else to it. [Repeat]” except your object is an image. Keep going with your photo manipulation until it gets interesting.

-  While you’re editing your image, think about what kinds of artwork you like to make.