Stance and Abjection: A life Drawing Class Based on Maradona︎︎︎
This project looks at life drawing through developed ideas of the abject as that which is rejected by/disturbs social reason. Students engage with the ritual of life drawing to attempt to maintain clear boundaries between nature and society.

1. Students choose a couple of students in the class who are working wearing track suit bottoms or who would like to wear track suit bottoms.

2. Make a stage -or clearing in the studio to “pose” the students [mes-en-scenes] using props found in the studio or classroom.

3. Using contemporary notions of Abjection, write a short script -an encounter between the 2 tracksuit wearing students. 

4. Direct the tracksuit wearing students to enact the scripted scenes.

5. Take some breaks.

6. During the enactments -draw/photograph the student models.

7. Document the class with a collaborative booklet with scripts and images.
︎︎︎from Cullinan Richards, a project submitted to Projects Class, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Spring 2015