Studying sounds of the everyday︎︎︎
This exercise is good for observation as well as generating ideas for a sound-based work.

  • Seperate, find a space by yourself, either inside or outside, and sit down with a notebook.
  • Listen and write down all sounds you hear for anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour.
  • Observe things such as texture of sound, pitch, direction.
  • Try to not list the source but rather the sound itself.
  • If possible, do this exercise twice. Once in a busy location and once in a quiet one (ie. a stairwell).
  • Return to your group and share your findings.
  • Discuss the most prominent sounds, the most subtle, the most mysterious.
  • What did you think about while listening to the sounds? What did you discover?
︎︎︎from Linnea Gwiazda