Shapes in real-time︎︎︎
This work helps get a sense of how to make choices when placing or moving bodies in space in relation to each other and the room. Choose a boundary where participants can stand outside the playing space and examine the room. Take some time outside the playing space to look at the floor space, ceiling, patterns on the walls, speakers or any other objects. Each participant thinks about what the space needs and makes a choice to enter and integrate their body in the space in a still shape. Anyone can go at any time and make choices based on the room and the bodies placed in the space. Once you feel you have established your position long enough, exit the space, examine the new configuration and make a new choice.  

The still shapes can eventually lead to movement and or text depending on what you are working on. It's also great to add sound, which really influences the choices and creates a distinct world.

In discussion, it's good to have the participants talk about moments that were engaging—certain compositional relationships that connected the whole picture. This work gives us a window into how spatial relationship and architectural choices can be used in powerful ways.
︎︎︎from The Viewpoints Book by Bogart & Landau