Research on the border︎︎︎
Here’s a series of workshops on exploring the idea of border. They can be done in sequence or individually.

Border Contemplative Walk

A: Each person goes on an individual walk outside for 15 minutes, thinking about the concept of border and how this idea intersects with daily life and their immediate environment.

Where does public and private space begin and end? What is hidden behind walls, doors or under the sidewalk? What are the lines of division that exist around us? What are the closest and farthest sounds we can hear? What happen when we get closer or father from a stranger walking down the street?  

B: Group conversation about the experiences.

Corners/Border Poems

A: Writing exercise, complete the following sentences:

  • The border is…
  • The edge is…
  • The space between you and I is…

B: Border Poem

Collective reading on the writing exercise and combining a selection of sentences from different individuals.

︎︎︎from Isabelle Kirouac