Passing through︎︎︎

Passing Through is a dance workshop created by dancer and choreographer and educator David Zambrano which focuses on creating composition and movement without a leader in the group. Zambrano believes that cells do not need a protein leader to create life and neither does the brain need one protein leader to create a thought. Passing Through opens the door for the unpredictable and creates flexible and complex dynamics within the group of dancers.

Inspired by the protein idea, Zambrano uses three main exercises to manifest this philosophy with his students. Under, over and around; this enables the dancers to make choices in the moment and be flexible and aware of their body, bodies in the group and the environment at the same time both in their body and mind.

In passing through the roles of the leader and follower are constantly being exchanged in an unplanned way that corresponds to dancers' individual needs, everyone is either following or leading.

The culmination of the workshop is when Zambrano brings the idea of seeing the room full of different and infinite paths passing through the walls, the floor and even the bodies. These pathways are full of curves and arcs, large and small.

︎︎︎from David Zambrano