Oblique strategies︎︎︎
This is a deck of cards with suggestions like:

  1. Breathe more deeply
  2. Cut a vital connection
  3. Define an area as 'safe' and use it as an anchor
  4. Emphasize repetitions
  5. Ghost echoes
  6. Go slowly all the way round the outside
  7. Is there something missing?
  8. Look at a very small object, look at its centre
  9. Make a blank valuable by putting it in an exquisite frame
  10. Only a part, not the whole
  11. Remove specifics and convert to ambiguities
  12. Shut the door and listen from outside
  13. Tidy up
  14. Turn it upside down
  15. What would your closest friend do?

There are many more and it's fun to create your own.  It's interesting how many ways they can be interpreted and how they can really help develop new ideas.

︎︎︎this is a great system for when you get stuck and need a fresh idea when developing material

︎︎︎from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt