Object play︎︎︎
Ask each person in a group to put an object on the floor in a random spacing. Walk around all of the objects, looking at each one closely. Choose an object to work with and stop close to the object. Examine the object. See it as if it was the first time. Suspend your recognition of its purpose and see it as a new object (shape, sound, weight, etc.).

Create three different sounds with the object. Take the object into space and find a way to relate to it. Create three different relations to the object. Repeat these three relationships by cycling through them, playing with the repetitions by shifting tempo, duration or spatial relationship.

Lastly, work with a partner and find a way of relating with the objects together. How can the objects interact?

︎︎︎a simple way of exploring play and divergent thinking with an object

︎︎︎from Megan Stewart