Movement warm up︎︎︎
A formal warm up sequence can sometimes get a group connected through moving in unison and learning basic dance technique forms. It's a good idea to introduce the material as movement and not dance as some non-trained participants can get intimidated by the idea of dancing. 3-5 exercises are enough and if you meet the group on a regular basis, you can build on the sequences.

Starting on the floor with breathing and simple hip circles is a good way to get grounded. Yoga is usually a form that most people know and it can come in handy in transition from the floor to standing sequences. Once the group is on their feet, do a series of reaches and short lunges in a simple set of directions (front, side, back, side). This can also be designed to get the group to sense the space you are working in.  Remind them to see the walls and directions as they move.  

Next, you can build off the same design in terms of direction in space, but make the movements larger and the lunges deeper, possibly adding shoulder rolls and full arcs of the arms in space. Getting the group to feel gravity and weight transfer through the legs under the floor will ground them in the work later.

Staring a simple gesture base can also be a great way to play with easy movement that everyone can learn. These gesture bases can also be used in improvisations or assignments later.

︎︎︎from Rob Kitsos