Exploring and moving with objects︎︎︎
Choose an object that piques your curiosity. Imagine that you’re discovering this object for the first time. Let go of all known aspects and associations with this object.

Sensing Experience with the Object: Respond to the object through a sensing experience and allow the object to take you into a movement exploration that invites a sensorial/kinaesthetic experience. Notice the object’s shape, texture, look or sound. How does that evoke your movement experience? Explore the materiality of the object with your eyes closed. Let your body respond… echo its shape, texture, and properties within your own body.

Moving in relation to the object as your partner: Move with the object to explore being in relation to it as if it is your partner. You can move towards, away from, with, over, under, around, move in contrast to it – the possibilities are endless. Continue to find ways that you can be relation to the object and how that relation invites you to move.

Invent/Find the ‘new’: As you explore moving with the object notice how that can invite you to invent a ‘new’ movement vocabulary? How does the object or prop take you out of your habitual ways of moving? Once you have discovered movement patterns that emerge from being with the object set the object aside and explore the same movement patterns without the object.  What do you notice?

An extension of you: Another exploration is to imagine that this object is an extension of your body. How do you move when that object is an extension of you? If that object is now a part of you, how does it invite you to bridge out into your environment or reach out into space?
︎︎︎objects can be a great way to invite new kinaesthetic experiences and move beyond habitual movement patterns

︎︎︎from Donna Redlick