Equality celebrates the ordinary 1993︎︎︎
Themes to work from: city, house, rooms, walking

Create a work inspired by these themes and principles derived from the 1960’s movement in dance and visual art. Each group will have approximately 40 minutes to collaborate and complete a 3-minute study based on these principals. We will then come together as a group, perform the studies and talk about the process.

Movement and environmental elements to consider

Repetitive:  walking, sitting, stopping, changing direction, running, up and down steps, etc.

Singular: falling, tripping, jumping, rolling

Other Motifs: folding, locomotion, repetition, functional, topography

Architecture and objects

Consider the function of the studio spaces, situating your actions in a specific part of the studio. How does the performance interrelate with the space?

Objects: find ones that are already in the space or add objects as another dimension in the environment.

Other elements: light, shadow, color and fabric (light, projector, etc.)

︎︎︎from Sally Banes