Dynamics of group process︎︎︎
All of these people are useful in a group:

  • Those who initiate
  • Those who affirm ("Yes, good idea. Let’s do that")
  • Those who provide caution ("Should we consider this? What about that?")
  • Those who say "I’m uncomfortable with that" or "No"
  • Those who say “Yes, and”
  • Those who offer a counter idea
  • Those who just goes along with it (“I don’t care”)
  • The mediator
  • The practical one (ie. Stage Manager)


  1. Which can you identify as your default?
  2. Can you explore the roles you don't naturally fall into?
  3. If you see a role in the group that is not being fulfilled can you try that role?
  4. Can you think of other roles not listed? Add them to your list.

︎︎︎gets a group in their bodies quickly and sets a playful working tone, especially if they’re unfamiliar with each other

︎︎︎from Robert Leveroos, from Peter Balkwill at the Old Trout’s Banff Puppet Intensive