Duet four︎︎︎
A long distance relationship:

  • Find a location high up where you can look out over the city
  • From here find a person somewhere in the distance... they should be far enough away that you cannot read the expressions on their face, only the movements in their body
  • Try to measure the distance between you and them
  • Try to imagine how long it would take you to cross that distance: 1) if you were walking 2) if you were running 3) if you were a bullet fired from a sniper’s rifle
  • Try to imagine who this person is and what they are doing: where have they just been? where are they going? how well do they know the city? what is the loneliest they have ever been? what is their biggest fear? when was the last time they kissed someone completely spontaneously? do they miss being younger? have they noticed you standing here yet?

︎︎︎from Andy Fields’ Six Duets