Design in space︎︎︎
Up to down shapes... This is an easy way to get people up and composing in the space with simple movement.  

Have the group lying on the floor and just breathing deeply (or choose any kind of centering work to bring focus to the room). Have them start to play with the process of getting up to their feet. Ask each person to choose 5 or 6 still shapes from the floor to standing in sequence.They should memorize these shapes and be able to go from 1-6 and 6-1. These don't have to be complex shapes. Give them enough time to really own their choices so they feel confident.  

Next ask three or four people to be in the space and the rest sit and observe. Have the participants stand anywhere in the space and go from 1-6 and 6-1 on your count slowly for the group. This gives the group watching a sense of the material. Ask the group to notice relationships between the bodies—different levels, directions and dynamics. Then ask one person watching to place the bodies in the space in a more interesting way. Then repeat the shapes in sequence with the new spacing. The group can discuss what they notice about the new configuration and even make a new choice- or change the front. This work makes it clear that our choices on where something happens in space have a huge effect on what we want to say or where we want focus placed.
︎︎︎from Gus Solomons Jr.