Deep listening︎︎︎
This is the process of attenuating our listening to begin noticing more detail and with greater clarity. A group can sit or lie in any environment. They are invited to ignore all sounds except the sound of their breath. As they focus on their breathing they are invited to notice just the sounds that are immediately around their body and/or coming from their body. They are then guided to pay attention to subtle distances further from their body: arms-length; 6 feet away; to the edges of the room; beyond the doors, windows and walls of the room; as far from their body as they feel they are able to perceive sound. They are then brought back into the room, to their arm's length distance; and again their breath. They can then explore extending and contracting their perception. At the end they should take a moment to write down specific sounds that caught their attention. Everyone can share sounds that stood out for them and compare who else noticed them or not.
︎︎︎inspired by Pauline Oliveros, et al; see Deep Listening