Dance for the socially isolated︎︎︎
This one came out at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of us were isolated in our homes, so this score is meant for inside your home.

You can walk, in any direction, or you can stand. If a stable, lightweight chair is available, you can sit or stand on it. You can stand on the bed or walk across it, without breaking stride. The same goes for the couch, table and overstuffed pieces of furniture.

You might jostle a piece of furniture. You might wrap your body around that furniture or pick up and put down objects or, say, wash your hands—never too often now—all while maintaining a steady walking rhythm, which is the mainstay of the whole enterprise.

Once you stand still, it’s over.

SOUND: Although the score, like much postmodern dance, doesn’t require any musical accompaniment, you can respond to noises in your environment. You can decide on several verbal cues from the radio or TV to put yourself into motion again, like virus or pandemic. The high frequency of such cues should prevent extended stalling.

︎︎︎from Yvonne Rainer