Sequence is more than an ordering of unchanging entities. Sequence is a cooker, an alchemy... eventfulness comes into it, consciously put there or not. Time is more than a container; time participates.

The job is to get the distance required to perceive, to divorce things from whatever initially informed them or made them; the mood that accompanied, the instructions that were followed, the notebook notes etc. Tune in to its itness; squint, fast forward video in your mind’s eye, tune into the dance's hum, walkey talk through, watch the eventfulness, the rhythm, the sweep, the what happens?... look, wait, watch, try and retry until you recognize that you have something right; that you have something, in the words of a student, “the way you never knew you wished things always were.” You have to find it, not make it happen and you find it by making; making and waiting, making things that are and are not close; by reading, listening, tasting, humming that what it is-ness.

Try, try, try and trust that which is operating; that part of yourself that is waiting for that sureness, that yes! of recognition.

︎︎︎from Susan Rethorst