Concentration and ensemble︎︎︎
Here's short description of an improv exercise I've done in the past to build concentration and create a sense of ensemble and spatial awareness. It also functions as a sort of ritual to begin the class.

I give each student a small plastic glass, they fill it 3/4 full of water. Then I guide them with imagery and simple directions—walking, pausing, changing directions, balancing, changing levels, I keep it fairly open. The glass of water can represent anything they want, something that's precious etc.  

The rules are simple they must not spill any water, be aware of others, be alert and negotiate the space to avoid colliding.

What tends to happen is that the movers are intensely focused throughout, have a soft gaze yet are acutely aware of the group. It's a nice way to start the class. It ends with the movers placing their glass on the floor in the centre of the room so that they create a circular form. It could also be the beginning of part 2, spatial design, creating a landscape to explore. And of course the improv can be modified.

︎︎︎from Cheryl Prophet