Choreography is...︎︎︎
"Choreography is nothing else but a committed, if not obsessive, exploration of a margin of maneuverability—a fraction of time/space in between the material inertia (of a memory) and the immaterial velocity (of a desire). Sometimes it is enough to speak of this margin and you are already dancing it. Sometimes you will need to shut up and move. In any case, the most important thing that you have to learn is how to maintain yourself inside this no man's land where all the safe binaries between body and mind, presence and language, identity and difference are brought into question... dance yourself into and out of the confusion."

Choreograph (v.): to arrange relations between bodies in time and space

Choreography (v.): act of framing relations between bodies; “a way of seeing the world”

Choreography (n.): result of any of these actions

Choreography (n.): a dynamic constellation of any kind, consciously created or not, self-organising or super-imposed

Choreography (n.): order observed, exchange of forces; a process that has an observable or observed embodied order

Choreograph (v.): to recognize such an order

Choreography (v.): act of interfering with or negotiating such an order