Breath and focus︎︎︎ 
Start the group on the floor, spaced out. Focus on breathing, starting in the torso. Notice the rise and fall of the rib cage and air filling up the back and sides of the torso. On the exhale, remind the group of the gravitational force pulling the body to the center of the earth. This opens awareness to the forces at play in the space. Then move to the lower body, feeling the breath fill up the hips, legs and feet. Relax into the floor on the exhale. Lastly, focus on the arms and upper spine, the air like water filling up hoses through the finger tips. Once this process is complete (5-10 deep breaths in each stage), have the group try to listen to their heartbeat or pulse.

This kind of directed sequence before or after a workshop or rehearsal is a way to refelct on your process and absorb information as a group. 
︎︎︎breath can bring focus into the room by connecting each person to their body and rhythms