Box of terms︎︎︎
Improvisation: Box of terms

Create a box full of small papers with images and directives (like contrast, rhtythm, vibrate, lush, etc.).  Have a small group of participants choose words and follow simple paraeters.  Spending some time making up directives is also a great excersise. 

Choose from box- duets – one word each-  
-      Choose one line through space
-       Pause 3 times when it feels right

Choose 2 words
-      Choose line through space
-      Two moments to switch words

Choose 2 words-
-      Choose line through space
-      Face up stage and travel up
-      Two moments to switch words facing down stage

 *You can also add a time limit.  Keeping them short and concise tends to work well. 
︎︎︎from Rob Kitsos