Architecture Memory ︎︎︎
This is a way of getting a group to work in silence and allow a clear language or structure to emerge.  It aslo gets artists thinking about their bodies as recording devices.  

If you’re working in a building with interesting architecture (maybe a few different floors), have the group explore the building in silence, taking in different rooms and hallways and sounds for a finite period of time. When they all return, have the group improvise in the space using imagery and topography from their memory of the spaces.  They can explore their memory of the pathways, detail of walls and structures they encountered. 

With a group, this often creates a cohesive sense of space in the room as participants pick up on the familiar patterns from their physical memory of the archetecture.  Adding sound while they work can also help support the imrovisation. 
︎︎︎ from Rob Kitsos