Material Led Process︎︎︎
This process is in development and has been tested with different materials into choreographic works. 
1. Ekphrasis: Descriptions of visual- Free write -stream of conscious. No touching or moving - just observing.

2. Action/Kinaesthetic: Then same process with touch- moving the material- changing it’s location in the room- be playful. Write about what you observe.

3. Transformation- freeze, burn, wind, gravity etc. How might it change in different context?

4. Reduction of ideas to key terms/images/patterns that resonate or are consistently present in the above process. What ideas speak to the spirit of the material? Are there related terms that can be sharpened to core concepts or images?

5. Movement/Sound Generation: using a variety of approaches, develop movement motifs to expand into material for performance. What sounds of references from the research connect to the key ideas. This process can be applied to sound as well.

︎︎︎Rob Kitsos and Meagan Woods