31 Days of Art Prompts︎︎︎
One way to get inspired and motivated when facing a blank canvas or trying out a new artistic medium is through art prompts. ArtPlacer has put together 31 prompts for you to do every day for a month. The goal is to make it a habit to tackle new creative challenges and keep your creativity flowing. You can do these prompts at home, in a studio, or even in a classroom. Feel free to use any medium you prefer, such as painting, dancing, performing, or photography, etc.

Art prompts not only spark your creativity but also help you practice your art skills every day. They cover various topics, from basic shapes to capturing your surroundings in your chosen medium. Additionally, art prompts provide an opportunity to experiment with different techniques and tools.

We all have creative potential, but to keep those innovative ideas flowing, we need to exercise our creative muscles. That's why the ArtPlacer team has created an Art Prompt Guide with 31 universal ideas, subjects, and themes. These prompts can be adapted to any medium and will boost your creativity.

1. Your favorite character
2. A happy memory
3. Portray an emotion
4. Your safe place
5. A self-portrait
6. A splash of color
7. Golden hour
8. Hands
9. A close-up
10. A remix of your favorite artwork
11. Theme: the 10th image saved on your phone
12. A treasure
13. Silhouettes
14. A desire
15. Your surroundings
16. Eyes
17. Black & White
18. Theme: sky
19. A place you want to visit
20. Something you can’t live without
21. Challenge: do it with your eyes closed
22. An icon
23. Theme: shadow
24. A guilty pleasure
25. Challenge: use a medium you have never worked with before
26. A sound
27. Underwater
28. A cover for your favorite album
29. Theme: time
30. Challenge: use only geometrical shapes
31. An achievement

Recommended Tools & Supplies:

- Pencils, crayons, markers, and pens
- Acrylic and oil paints, as well as watercolors
- Paper sheets
- Canvas
- Materials for collages
- Brushes
- And digital art tools like editing software, drawing pads, and stylus pens.
- Any found object
- A group of people
- Whatever you find interesting to work  with
︎︎︎from Artplacer